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Motorcycle Camper Trailers

In this fast-paced, out-of-control world in which we live, sometimes you need to find peace—to blow off steam. Alone or with family and friends, you just need to get away—into the woods or into a crowd—and we can help you do that with one of our motorcycle camper trailers.

Designed to be pulled behind a motorcycle (or small car), Solace converts from a 23-cu. ft. closed cargo box into a 72-sq. ft. sanctuary. This sizeable tent trailer with 6'7" ceiling has enough room for a full or queen-sized mattress, a table, and a couple of chairs. The deluxe model comes with an AC port and stand, a cooler package, and 8" wheels.

As its name implies, Double Duty is both an open utility trailer and a camping tent trailer. Designed to be towed by a car or SUV, it is equipped with two detachable ramps that allow for easy loading of ATVs, motorcycles, or even generators. After finding your perfect camping spot, the trailer floor and side walls are used as platforms onto which its weather resistant tent is pitched. Once set up, your 81-sq. ft. retreat has a 7' ceiling and enough space to sleep up to six people.

Whether you choose Solace or Double Duty, sleep two or six at Moab or Sturgis, a camping trailer from The USA Trailer Store can help you find peace in this lifetime, or at least for the weekend.

The perfect solution:

We think a motorcycle and camper trailer is the perfect getaway solution for modern man…and modern woman. Camper trailers make camping-by-bike much easier and more comfortable than relying on a tent. That probably means you’ll go camping more often.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the key benefits:

You’re not sleeping on the ground

For many, the primary advantage of a camper trailer is that you’re up off the ground. The truth is, even with a floor, an air mattress and a sleeping bag between you and whatever lives in the ground where you pitched your tent, that creepy feeling can be tough to get over. With your camper trailer, you can commune with nature without feeling like you’ve become part of the food chain.

Easy to use

Setting up a camper trailer is faster and easier than pitching most tents. Once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes second nature. Now, some people may consider the lengthy process of preparing a tent for occupancy to be an enjoyable part of the camping experience. However, we think most people go camping to enjoy their surroundings, the beauty of nature and a different way of living, not an hour of drudgery. This advantage becomes even more important if you’re moving from place-to-place.

Easy to maintain

Our camper trailers do not require constant attention or time-consuming maintenance. You’ll need to do some work at the beginning and end of each camping season. During the season, you’ll want to keep things clean and dry. And you’ll need to perform occasional maintenance on the wheels and suspension, as you do with any trailer. It’s all pretty straightforward and we spell it out in the Owner’s Manual.

Easy to tow

These trailers are specifically designed for easy towing. That means they’re lightweight, well-balanced and have the right suspension to travel smoothly, even on rough surfaces. We’ll help you get the right hitch and provide some pointers on towing safety, so you’ll be an expert in no time at all.

Makes it easy to bring stuff with you

Keep in mind that a camper trailer is still a trailer. That means there’s room to bring along more of the things you need to be comfortable in your home-away-from-home. You can only get so much on your bike, so having additional capacity can be a real trip saver.

The perfect solution

If you ride a motorcycle and you like to go places, camping is the most cost-effective way to do it. And, it can also be the most fun. Camper trailers are designed to be a cost-effective way to simplify the process and add just the right amount of comfort and convenience so you can go more often and enjoy it more when you do.


 Solace Motorcycle Camping Tent Trailer / Price: $3,499.00 / Buy Now

Unlike some complicated motorcycle camper trailers, Solace sets up fast. Within moments of your arrival, you’ll feel right at home with 72 cubic feet of living space and an incredible 6 foot 7 inch ceiling in the living/dining area.

The Solace camper is at its best on the road and at the campsite. On the road, you’ll appreciate the independent torsion axle suspension, 8-inch chrome wheels, wiring harness and LED taillights. At the campsite, you’ll appreciate accessories such as a full-size air mattress and dining table, both included at no extra cost.

On the road, you’ll find Solace easy and smooth to tow. Once you arrive, you’ll have your home away from home ready to go in minutes. The ingenious design makes Solace easy to set up and pack away. You’ll spend your time enjoying camping, not messing with your camper. 

Solace is built to last and, with minimal care and maintenance, will provide years of easy towing, great camping and wonderful memories. You simply won’t believe how much space and comfort you can tow behind your motorcycle.

Special touches, like an opening to reach your cooler from inside the camper and an air conditioning port, tell you this is a leader in motorcycle camper trailers. And, it’s for sale right now. 

All you need is your motorcycle, your new Solace and your sense of adventure. Have a great trip!


Double Duty Utility Camping Trailer  / Price: $1,824.00 / Buy Now

“Duty” means different things to different people. Some people think of it as a responsibility.  To others, it is a task or action that someone is required to perform.  Perhaps to you, it is an obligation.  No matter how you define it, most of us are motivated by duty or called to it on a daily basis – faith, country, family, or friends.  At The USA Trailer Store, our duty is a responsibility to build exceptional work and recreational trailers to fit your life. Double Duty Utility Camper is the fulfillment of that obligation.

Double Duty Utility Camping Trailer is a versatile trailer that performs dual functions: utility AND camper trailer.  To meet its responsibilities as a utility trailer, we constructed the frame from high-quality steel and its platforms from hard-wearing steel mesh.  Then, we suspended it on triple leaf springs for smooth towing.  Additionally, the design of the Double Duty Utility Camper incorporates two detachable ramps that make loading mowers, ATVs, and motorcycles a hassle-free process.   

As a camper trailer, providing shelter is ’s most important obligation.  The steel mesh platforms provide sturdy support for the ample sleeping area.  The ramps become steps into the tent, and the 7’ x5’ trailer bed becomes a firm, dry foundation upon which the tent can be pitched.  Within minutes, the weather-resistant denier tent becomes a 7’ high*, 81 square foot home away from home that sleeps six people** with front and rear doorways and eight large windows!